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Our showroom – come and visit us

What’s a showroom

Today it’s really popular to have your own showroom presenting your merchandise or products that you’re selling. Showrooms are basically places where merchandisers display their goods. These displays can take various forms, depending on the kind of merchandise. For example, you can have car showrooms, furniture showrooms and the list can go on and on. General idea behind a showroom is to present how a given product looks in more natural surroundings and emphasize in this way its qualities. Showrooms are there to help prospective customers to learn more about a given product and emphasize its qualities. Showrooms dedicated to our area of business are particularly interesting since sometimes it can be truly difficult to imagine the looks of a given granite slab or a quartz plate. What can you see in our showroom?

Our showroom – what’s there

Our showroom that’s located in Manchester displays our basic products. If you happen to be nearby we highly recommend you to come and visit. Apart from, seeing displays of sample granite slabs you can also ask our staff about the whole manufacturing process, fitting and installation details or ask for advice concerning  the possible choices. Our showroom allows you to see whole completely finished granite slabs. You can also see how different granite colors look, how different ways of cutting make a huge difference (for example you can have clean cut edges or rough edges) and various kinds of polish (from completely matte slabs to glossy ones.) It’s also possible to ask out staff for a tour showing you manufacturing stations and have all the details explained. If you’re thinking of furnishing your kitchen or bathroom with granite worktop you should definitely come and visit us.

Our showroom- practical information

In our showroom you can see many kinds of displays and get the information you need. Visit in our showroom can really help you in making decisions. If you’re not sure what material is best for your kitchen, what are its qualities and possible choices don’t hesitate to come or call us. Arranging your bathroom or kitchen can be quite challenging and there are many difficult choices to make. Just to name a few: prices, qualities of a given material, its characteristic features, range of available colors, types of cutting and polishing, possible designs. These are just a few things you need to take into account. It’s especially important if you think in the long term and decide to invest quite a sum of money at the very start.

After all, natural stones such as granite and marble aren’t particularly cheap. Yet, their characteristics and qualities make them worthwhile. Long term investment in the end can save you up some money. To be exactly sure what you’re doing it’s quite obvious you will need some advice. Our showroom can be the answer to your questions. Display wall with various granite slabs, exhibitions with ready-made sample kitchen countertops or bathroom worktops and practical advice and expertise of our staff is waiting for you.



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