HometipsImitate or natural wood – which is better for exterior wood cladding?

Imitate or natural wood – which is better for exterior wood cladding?

A wood cladding is a great way to off the outside of your home. However, the use of this natural material may be associated with specific difficulties due to its characteristics. An alternative is to use the system imitating façade wood boards – synthetic panels that look like natural planks. Are you wondering which solution is better for you? See our comparison!

The benefits of using wood cladding

Wood is a graceful and timeless material that can make your façade cozy and warm. It looks great on the materials of the exterior walls of a traditional house and modern buildings. Here it looks great in combination with minimalist white. With regular, proper care, the wood cladding ages beautifully, giving the facade a unique charm.

Good to know

The beauty of natural wood is mainly due to its unique character. The grain and knots are different on every plank – an effect that would be hard to achieve with artificial panels.

Unfortunately, despite its many advantages, wood is not one of the most valuable materials. Here are a few reasons why:

  • it is difficult to maintain – natural wood cladding requires regular maintenance. Otherwise, it is exposed to blue stains, insects, fungi, and mold. It can also decay under the influence of changes in humidity and temperature,
  • tends to discolor – the wooden facade is constantly exposed to UV radiation, therefore unprotected wood changes color over time,
  • is flammable – a facade made of natural boards increases the risk of fire,
  • can be expensive – especially when it comes to the rarest, exotic wood claddings, which are characterized by the highest durability,
  • requires complicated installation – the installation of natural wood elements requires the creation of an additional structure to which the boards are then attached.

System imitating wood cladding – why is it worth it?

On the market, you can find materials that successfully replace wood on facades. They are available in many colors and styles. Their common feature is cheaper and less complicated installation and more straightforward maintenance than the natural material. In addition, wood-like façade panels are:

  • safe – made of non-flammable or hardly flammable materials and self-extinguishing,
  • low-absorbent – system imitating wood cladding does not absorb moisture, and thanks to that, it does not swell and shrinks under its influence,
  • resistant to harmful factors – no insects, fungi, or mold will nest in them, and contact with UV rays will not cause discoloration of the boards,
  • made of stable materials that do not work under the influence of temperature,
  • easy to maintain – do not require impregnation, and if necessary, wash with water.

What kind of wood cladding – natural or artificial?

Wood on a facade is a solution for people who want to use natural materials and are willing to spend time and resources to keep their facade in perfect condition. In return, they will receive a unique effect – following all, natural wood external cladding manchester has its grain pattern, which makes natural wood unique.


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