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Shiny Surface – bright kitchen

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Kitchen is very often the first place your guests visit or see. Therefore, it needs to be shiny. Shiny surface is a must if you want your kitchen to appear warm and welcoming. Nobody really wants to sit in a dirty and somehow messy kitchen. Shiny surface is what we expect from modern kitchens.

What’s interesting, there’s plenty of materials that can be used to create nice shiny surface. One of the best choices is granite.  Granite is a natural rock an as such has some unique qualities which can’t be really imitated. Granite can be processed and manufactured in such a way as to fit any kind of kitchen and to have various types of polish and shine.

Of course, you can decide to have it matt – still the surface is sleek and gives off some light. Yet, it’s much more common to go with shiny type of polish. Shiny surface is what makes granite truly stunning and allows to show its inner natural beauty. After all, granite’s power lies in its unique colouring and perfect shine can make it visible.

Shiny surface

Shiny SurfaceOf course, it’s not really enough to have your kitchen furnished with shiny granite worktop. In order to truly attract your visitors you need something more – shiny surface needs to be properly maintained in order to last. What are the best practices when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your granite worktop?

First of all, keep in mind that granite doesn’t need much. Shiny surface can be easily maintained with very simple substances and materials. To keep your granite worktop clean just use some warm water mixed with gentle dish soap and soft cloth. Just wet your cloth in the water and wipe granite’s surface – it’s shiny right after you do it. Granite doesn’t need any harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to be cleaned and kept smooth and shiny.

What’s more, it’s better to stay with warm soapy water. After all, if your granite worktop is properly sealed it doesn’t really need to be cleaned with some harsh chemicals or disinfected on a regular basis. It’s really enough to keep it clean with simple water and soap. Finally, shiny surface is also the result of much more immediate actions. Think for example of such situations when for example some liquids spill out and you should react immediately and wipe them.

Of course, spills are just one example, there are other situations when you should be very careful. For example, you should be really careful when it comes to hot pans and heat. In such cases granite can be also seriously damaged – especially when we’re talking about prolonged periods of time. Shiny surface is beautiful but it can be actually damaged, even if it’s granite we’re talking about. Therefore, never forget about sealing and cleaning your kitchen worktop.



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