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Marble & Granite Chopping Board – Why They’re Worth Buying?

marble chopping boards with food and drink on topIn the bustling world of culinary delights, the choice of kitchen essentials plays a pivotal role in the quality of food preparation.

Chopping boards, a crucial tool in the kitchen, often find themselves in the shadows of flashy gadgets, cutting-edge appliances, or smart accessories.

However, any discerning chef knows that a solid chopping board, especially a granite chopping board, is a game-changer, surpassing its plastic, wood, and metal counterparts in more ways than one. A topic we’ll expand on below.

The Detriment of Plastic Chopping Boards: A Silent Culinary Hazard

While metal or wood chopping boards don’t pose us any health threats (doesn’t change the fact that they are flawed, as we’ll discuss below), plastic cutting boards are commonly purchased by everyone across the world.

plastic chopping boardA plastic chopping board has long been a staple in kitchens worldwide. Indeed, they are light and cheap, but their convenience comes at a hidden cost. Modern research suggests that plastic boards are toxic, leaching microplastics into our food with every chop, posing potential health risks.

This cannot be said about a granite cutting board – a natural stone marvel that not only eliminates the risk of contamination but also boasts an array of benefits that elevate it to the right top of culinary essentials.

The Virtues of Granite Chopping Boards & Quartz Chopping Boards

  1. Beauty in Functionality

stunning natural stone chopping boardUnlike the dull and mundane appearance of plastic boards, granite chopping boards are a feast for the eyes. The natural patterns and colours of the stone make for a stunning addition to any kitchen, turning a mundane task into a visual delight. When you seek out a supplier of stone cutting boards, you’ll likely be able to choose a variety of designs: marble effect, veined hues, to homogenous colours or those filled with rich minerals.

Best of all, as a result of the stylish nature of a marble chopping board, they can easily be utilised for other projects e.g. a functional cheese board.

Each kitchen chopping board is a piece of art that blends seamlessly with your kitchen’s aesthetics. You’ll be able to pick a wide range of styles, from rectangle to art-inspired shapes, ensuring a perfect match for every culinary enthusiast.

  1. Durability Redefined

items standing on a chopping board decorationGranite, known for its sturdy nature, doesn’t rust, chip, or scratch. Its resilience ensures that your granite cutting board remains in pristine condition all year round. No matter how rigorous the culinary endeavours. You could be a professional chef, or a casual cook, but your worries about the condition of your marble chopping boards is instantly eliminated.

Say goodbye to the wear and tear plaguing lesser materials, or the constant replacement of a damaged or warped wooden chopping board, and welcome the resistance and longevity of a solid chopping board.

When it comes to stone, you can even drop it from a certain height, and it won’t display any defects. A glass chopping board, on the other hand, will shatter into pieces, while a metal one might sustain indentations.

  1. Versatility Beyond the Chop

A granite chopping board is not confined to the realm of food preparation alone. It doubles as a sleek stand for hot pots, pans, and plates, offering an elegant solution to protect your kitchen worktops.

pizza stone

Come Christmas, you can transform a slate chopping board into a sophisticated cheese board that becomes the centrepiece of your festive gatherings.  You can even use the stone chopping desk as a decorative stand for household items: candles, speakers, plant pots in your garden, so on and so forth. Alternatively, the stone cutting board is also suitable as a stand for your turkey or pizza you’ll carve in the middle of the table.

Speaking of pizza – a stone chopping board can also make for an ideal granite pizza stone, which you can shove in the oven, and ensure you get that perfect crust on the dough.

  1. Incredible Heat Resistance

With a quartz chopping board, you don’t need to feat a sizzling pan or oven trays carrying baked delicacies – granite chopping boards are completely heat resistant, allowing you to seamlessly transition from chopping to serving food without worrying about damage or safety hazards.

This way you also help to declutter your kitchen, as you no longer need cork pads or silicone trivets to help you with the boiling metals. Your durable, multipurpose granite chopping board can solve all majority of your issues.

  1. Proper Structure Equals Safety

polished marble chopping board used for cutting9/10 times, a marble chopping board will come pre-polished. A polished chopping board texture, which never scratches and withstands even the sharpest knives, basically guarantees that the stone chopping desk will always get thoroughly cleaned.

And as we know, thorough cleanliness of your chopping board guarantees safety. Not only there’s lesser risk of food cross contamination, but the likelihood of illness from salmonella or rotten food particles are also decreased.

With plastic or wood chopping boards you don’t get that guarantee, as these cutting desks are susceptible to deep scratches, within which microbes or bacteria can thrive, even after you’ve cleaned or given them a wash.

  1. Anti Stain & Absorption Properties

acidic oranges on stone cutting boardA quartz chopping board is famous for its resistance to staining and absorption of bad smells. No matter what you slice: whether it’s meat, fish or oranges, the bad smells that usually accompany these type of foods will not latch onto your marble chopping board.

Secondly, quartz chopping boards are also resistant to stains. Whether you use acidic liquids, oily foods, wine, coffee – none of it will leave even a hint of a stain.

The Price of Elegance: Unveiling the Marble Chopping Board Cost

Naturally, the allure of such a premium kitchen accessory comes with a price tag. The cost of granite chopping boards typically varies based on size, shape, type of material used, thickness, additional details like edge profiling etc. These high quality boards may range between £40-£70, however, as we showcased above, the investment is well worth it considering the durability and aesthetic appeal they bring to your kitchen.

wooden chopping board damagedMarble chopping boards will last you for a lifetime, if you treat them well. It’s not a product that you will need to replace every so often, as is the case with inferior wood or plastic. So yes, while wood or plastic might be cheaper, a marble cutting board is an investment for years. The same principle could be applied for quartz worktops and granite worktops vs wood or laminate worktops. The latter guarantees a lesser spend, but at the cost of premature replacement, 4-5 years down the line due to collected damage like warping, staining or scratching.

Marble Chopping Board: Custom Luxury on a Budget

For those seeking a personalised touch in form of a quartz cutting board, there’s good news. We have recommended manufacturer who specialises in crafting affordable granite chopping boards from quartz kitchen worktop offcuts.

The benefit of selecting a manufacturer like this, is that they rarely make chopping boards in bulk. By contacting them personally, they will individually prepare you a custom, cut to size, bespoke granite chopping board made entirely from the material and colour you choose.

cooking and dicing on a slate chopping boardIt’s not like you will receive a pre-selected choice of wholesale 4-5 identical quartz chopping boards, as is done on Ebay or Amazon. With these lot, each project is individual, done entirely at your request.

That means you can customise it completely – not only selecting the colour, shape or size, but also the placement of handles or other additional requests. Need a hole drilled in the granite board? Or grooves for drainage or extra grip? No problem.

This stone supplier will provide you a cheap, long lasting, custom granite chopping board cut to size. Visit their website here, contact them about their marble chopping board, provide your desired dimensions and measurements, receive a free quote, get a cheap chopping board price, pick your final design and colour, and order parcel delivery right to your UK door.

They are go-to choice for those who desire bespoke elegance in their kitchen.

granite kitchen worktopsWhat’s more, you can visit their site to explore the exquisite world of granite worktop offcuts they offer. Their entire stock is digitalised and showcased on their webpage, so if there’s a colour there that you like, you can instantly purchase it for your marble chopping board project.

This site is perfect for checking availability too – if there’s a specific colour you’re seeking, you can await for it to be processed into kitchen counters, then watch it pop up in the Offcuts page shortly thereafter.

Longevity and Ease: The True Worth of a Stone Chopping Board

The slightly higher price of granite chopping boards is a small investment when considering their incredible longevity. These chopping boards are not only easy to clean and maintain but can also be washed in the dishwasher without fear of deterioration. They will stay in the same condition in which you purchased them for years on end, saving you money in the long run.

chef proud of his marble cutting boardMoreover, they do not leach any harmful chemicals into your food, making them the ideal choice for health-conscious individuals.

All in all, investing in a granite chopping board is not merely a purchase; it’s a commitment to culinary excellence. The benefits of beauty, durability, convenience and versatility far outweigh the initial cost, making it a wise choice for any kitchen. So why opt for less when you can indulge in the timeless elegance and functionality of a granite chopping board?

Our Marble Cutting Board Purchasing Experience

granite cutting board with peppers choppedWe, on this blog, purchased some granite stone cutting boards ourselves from the aforementioned company. As their customers, and owners of such fantastic items, we can outright leave a positive review wholeheartedly recommend not only these hard wearing work surfaces, but also the perfect service received.

We were provided a quick granite chopping board price plan, gained valuable advice on design and style choices, ordered a home delivery and one of us even arranged a personal collection ON THE DAY! Yes, the manufacturing process (from ordering in store to collect time) took them 2 hours.

Now, we cannot guarantee that your granite offcut chopping board buying experience will be similar, but we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. We can’t stress enough that you shouldn’t worry. The complete process, from kitchen worktops offcut search to contacting the sellers, making a purchase and receiving your item will be flawless. Not to mention that you’ll be supported along the way.

And just to finish, above all, you’ll be left with a product that has so many advantages!


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