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How can you use granite off cuts? Applications and suggestions:

During the processing of natural stone a lot of scrap is created and it is a valuable product. Yes, the scraps  have different shapes, sizes and textures, but nothing prevents you to use them in a creative way. They have excellent durability and a great look, so they can be used for interior decoration or in the garden. You have no idea what to do with granite off cuts? We have a few suggestions. Perhaps you’ll love one of them.

Granite off cuts – ideas for use

  1. Fireplace – is probably one of the most popular uses of granite off cuts. Due to the fact that they are non-combustible and resistant to high temperatures they can be used for the fireplace or lining the floor around it. You only need to choose the right color (important note – it should match the shade of walls and furniture), and come up with a pattern to take action. It will fit in arrangement and will form an integral part of it.
  2. Wall – granite off cuts can also be used to decorate one wall in the living room or the space between the cabinets in the kitchen. They can also be used to mask inequalities on the walls and create one original composition, which will attract the eye of everyone who looks at it. In terms of patterning and color selection – there is full freedom. You just have to let your imagination run wild and utilize your creativity. It should be also added that the granite does not absorb water, and thanks to its perfectly smooth surface, its structure does not absorb water, so keeping it in a pristine condition does not require multiple treatments.
  3. Table – what else can you do with granite off cuts (the material you will buy here: Bespoke-Worktops)? Use them to decorate the table! Just stick it to the top and you’re done. It is only important that the selection of granite off cuts have a smooth surface, similar color and straight edges, so that the distances between them are almost equal, which is very aesthetically pleasing look.
  4. Elevation – granite off cuts are perfectly suited to decorate and secure the house facade against moisture. They are very resistant to adverse weather conditions and their durability is legendary. They come in various colors, which mostly consists of shades of green, so you can easily compose them with white, meringue, browns etc., Which are the most popular colors of the external plaster.
  5. Stairs – granite off cuts are also suitable for cladding the stairs, but then you need to choose those with a matt surface. Perfectly smooth granite off cuts will not work out, because in case of rain, snow or frost they will be so slippery that walking on them would be risky.
  6. Fences – another way to use scrap – walls and concrete pillars in the fences. Decorating them with granite off cuts will bring an elegant and luxurious expression. Besides, they will be protected against the adverse conditions, such as high and low temperature and humidity.
  7. Paths, walkways – stone scrap can also be used to line the paths in the garden or walkway leading to the door of the property. Not only do they look elegant, they are very durable and resistant. It is a natural material that looks great on a vegetation background.


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