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Home office – a place to work

Space arrangement – remember the zones

Space hugely influences the way we feel and perceive the world around and ourselves. Space needs to be carefully arranged if it is to serve its purpose right. Think for example of huge corporate office spaces. Without careful planning and dividing these spaces into dedicated zones employees wouldn’t work effectively and would get tired easily. No matter the purpose each space needs to be planned ahead and organized in such a way as not to be overwhelming or threatening. Chaos and disorder are enemies of comfort and effectiveness (although there are exceptions to this rule as well.) How to make spaces comfortable? First of all, you need to remember about splitting the space into dedicated zones. If it’s the corporate office area it needs to be divided into working zones with places for everybody, there need to be places of relax and rest carefully separated from the working zone, there must be kitchen or places to socialize etc. The number of zones may vary, but one thing is certain, there always must be at least two separate zones – one for work and one for rest.

Home office – working zone

Home office is a popular idea nowadays. Due to computerization and information technologies development it’s easy to work from home. All you need is an internet access and proper equipment to work on. Many people consider it truly a great idea. After all, you don’t need to commute, don’t waste time and money on meals, talks with co-workers etc. In this situation it’s truly easy to forget about proper space arrangement. If you consider home office seriously in the long run you can’t simply work from any place in your house, wherever you can plug your laptop in. This way is careless and makes your work ineffective and tired easily. Careful division of zones, separate ones for work and rest is a must in this situation. Always choose a separate room (that’s the best solution) or a dedicated zone only for working. If you’re in this zone it means you’re at work. Other places in your home are for other things, like family time, cooking or simply resting. Try to always remember that.



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