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Coordinating color scheme – a way to go

Coordinating color scheme – on the modern side

Coordinating modern scheme can make your rooms appear modern and fashionable. It doesn’t cost much to arrange spaces using coordinating color scheme. It requires only a dose of creativity and a feeling of  balance and harmony. Moreover, applying the same color to your furniture or decorations throughout a few rooms is in line with modern designs. The same color scheme running through a few rooms makes the space appear carefully organized and planned. The repeating pattern and clear lines flowing through your house or flat give the rooms a touch of synchrony and order. They are easy to navigate through and move around. All these features make them modern. After all, modern space are all about carefully planned organization, clean lines, clearly cut edges without clutter and chaotic placements of unnecessary things. In practice coordinating color scheme is not as easy as it seems. You can’t just use white furniture in a few rooms or have the same walls’ color. These are dull and unwelcoming. You need to break the scheme with other elements, typical for given spaces. Consider the ideas presented below.

Coordinating color scheme – a few tips

Coordinating color scheme is all about setting a proper tone of your design and using it to link spaces. For example choose milky white color for your open plan kitchen and continue this theme in  the adjoining dining area with milky table, then go farther to the living room area with slightly darker shade of original milky white. And you get it, the living room is all about beige and dark brown but it’s smoothly linked to the starting point – that is the kitchen. Coordinating color scheme is a perfect solution for large open spaces, it can serve as a reference point and linking scheme. In this way rooms are separate but at the same time their unity is maintained. Remember only to use slightly different shades of color and break the uniformity with decorative elements typical for each space. In the kitchen play with cabinet colors, dining room can stand out with intensely colored chairs and living room with a few decorations like pillows.



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