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Vintage kitchen – a way to go

What exactly is vintage

Contemporary times like to go back and draw on the past. This regards all kinds of human activities and branches. There is nothing really surprising in using past as a source and inspiration. Creative reworking of the past is ongoing constantly. What changes is the way contemporary times approach the past. One of the very interesting keywords used to relate to past is the word vintage. Nowadays, more than ever we are bombarded from all sides with vintage styles, vintage outfits, vintage kitchen or vintage cars. It seems like everything is vintage. But what does it exactly mean apart from referring to mostly undefined past times?

The problem with vintage is that it can’t be honestly and simply defined. The definition of the word consist of a few words which themselves may seem vague. They are: nostalgia, age perception and visual impact. Nostalgia makes vintage rather personal and generation specific. This is basically a feeling we associate with things long gone, yet still missed. Like a model of TV from the 80s when we watched our favorite cartoons. The age perception refers to the natural process of aging. Things from the past simply look old. Modern vintage tries to recreate this appearance. Finally, visual impact refers to typical visual features of things from given times, like cadillacs from the 50s are famous for their tailfins.

Why vintage kitchen

Vintage kitchen is one of the examples of vintage styles. It’s good to remember vintage kitchen can refer to different times, therefore it can have various elements. Let’s choose one era and imagine vintage kitchen drawing on the late 40s, just before the changes introduced in the 50s. The typical elements of this kitchen are heavy stone countertops, the best are of course natural stone. They should be really big and take a relatively huge amount of space. Another typical elements are hardwood cabinets – they are rather solid and dominate the space. Modern vintage kitchen from the 40s will incorporate these typical elements and set them within contemporary context. A few decorations will prove that it’s just a reference to style and the 40s kitchen miraculously transferred.



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