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Milky yellow granite – beautiful kitchen

Why milky yellow granite

Milky yellow stoneGranite has plenty of really stunning colours. You can easily choose from blacks, greys, pinks or various shades between white and yellow. Of course, since granite is a natural rock it’s impossible for it to have more unusual colours that aren’t frequently encountered in nature. For example, it would be rather difficult to find granite that’s blue or violet. Still, natural granite colours are so stunningly beautiful that it’s simply enough.

Milky yellow granite is one of the most interesting shades. It’s  a kind of colour that’s definitely very difficult to describe and depict. Many people think that the very name itself gives some relevant clues as to what does this colour exactly looks like but it’s not really the case. Milky yellow granite brings up simply far too many associations. Think for example about all cases that define milk colours itself as problematic, and not to even mention milky yellow and afraid to even consider granite. Yet, set of associations can still be quite helpful when imagining the colours.

Milky yellow granite makes people think about  warm yellowish colours, that are definitely welcoming and bright. It’s bustling with warm energy and inner light. It’s got some clues of white but they are only small references, hints that don’t exactly dominate the whole colour. This radiant light and brightness of milky white granite if further emphasised by the fact that it’s granite itself we’re thinking about. Granite known for its beautiful structure, little grains entangled with sparkly points and underlying veining that slithers underneath in various directions is a really interesting completion to this colour.

Milky yellow granite in a modern kitchen

Milky yellow granite looks really great in modern kitchens and interiors. It’s truly stunning in interiors where coordinating colour schemes can emphasise its inner power. White washed kitchen filled with warm whitish furniture and state-of-the-art appliances is definitely a great picture, especially when you put in its centre milky yellow granite worktop. What’s more, if it’s surrounded by  industrial elements that are so trendy now such as pipes, metallic pieces and cables such a kitchen can have a huge effect. Of course, milky yellow granite worktop can work just as fine in more traditional interiors as well. In the end, everything depends on our imagination and creative energy we use when designing kitchens and our home in general. Yet, all things considered – milky yellow is definitely an interesting colour.



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