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Exterior cladding – possibilities

House exterior cladding

Exterior or external cladding is very often the very first thing people see when they look at houses. Exterior cladding is what makes the difference and what really sets your house off. There’s plenty of possible choices when it comes to exterior cladding, there’s multiplicity of materials and techniques. Luckily, with technology development we can count on constant improvements and surprises with regards to cladding. What are the choices as for today?

First of all, you can always go with economic option, that is you can choose cement. Cement wall and cladding has been popular for ages. One reason for this is of course related to relatively cheap cost, but it also results from its easiness and effectiveness. Cement exterior cladding is easy to make and relatively durable. It’s a strong material that’s resistant to variety of outside factors. Interestingly, cement cladding don’t need be boring. With modern approach you can find plenty of interesting designs and ideas.

Luckily, today you’re not limited to cement. If you’re thinking of something special in case of your exterior cladding you can also choose from: weatherboards (very often playfully coloured), variety of acrylic surfaces or variety of other systems of exterior cladding that are made of other, very often mixed materials and come in multiplicity of colours, shapes and textures. Today’s choices are really interesting, and what’s important, colour isn’t the only distinguishing factor.

Granite exterior cladding

Granite cladding is also an interesting choice. Granite, which is highly durable and resistant to variety of harmful factors is a great material for external structures. External walls clad with granite are becoming more and more popular. Interestingly, you can also think of having a whole house with granite cladding. There’s no one to limit your imagination and creative vision. Nowadays, it’s very popular to have the first half of wall in granite and the second in cement. Additionally, you can also think of having granite clad wall surrounding your garden or of other similarly interesting garden structures.



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