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Where can you purchase high quality stone offcuts?

Most manufacturing processes cannot be completely lossless – there is always some amount of the material left and its usefulness varies. Fortunately, those leftovers after manufacturing process of a granite worktop can still be used and you wouldn’t want to waste such an expensive material, right?
Granite offcuts of any shape and size are one of the best materials for decorative purposes – they can be shaped into tables, figurines and other small elements. Offcuts can be a great addition to outdoor décor, as they can be for example used as stepping stones in the garden or as additional decorative elements of a stone terrace.
All in all, if you order a slab of granite to get your kitchen worktop, ask the manufacturer if there are any offcuts left and what you can do with them – most stonemason companies creating kitchen worktops will be grateful they can get rid of the excessive material from their warehouse.



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