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Which materials are best for refurbishing a kitchen? Best wood types to look out for:

The kitchen is a meeting place for the whole family, therefore designing it is a big responsibility, and with that comes the hard choice of appropriate materials.
If we decide to go with wood, it can be used as surface of the entire kitchen, because wood as a universal material can be used for flooring, cabinets, and in recent years even as entire walls of the kitchen. If the floor is wooden, the material must be tough, strong and resistant to distortion and moisture. The question remains which wood – a mosaic, plates, panels, or perhaps solid wood? Remember that solid wood requires special measures, for example the boards need to be painted. Finally, you need to choose between oil and varnish. Those that favour oil argue that the floor has a longer freshness and original shine. Pro-varnishes argue that varnishing is the only finishing touch which suits the modern kitchens. When it comes to our native wood, the best species of this material are beech, oak or maple. The most attractive ones are Merbau or Jatoba, but the price for those materials is very high.
Another material that will transform your kitchen into the most beautiful place in the house is indeed a natural stone. This can happen in many variations: from the wall stone to the marble and granite. You can decorate one wall with it and finish the job by simply adding a marble or granite worktop. Such motifs are used in modern, spacious kitchens. Sandstone is primarily recommended on the walls, this includes limestones and onyx. Worktops are a domain of marble and granite.

Natrual stone rock

They are rugged and add exclusivity and durability for the kitchen. Unfortunately a stone wall has one negative, in spite of looking pristine – it easily gets dirty, so just as in the case of a stone worktop, you need to take great and frequent care of it. Many solutions can be used for the cleaning.
The best solution is to find a perfect solvent which will be good to use for both classical wooden kitchens and for modern stone.



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