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What alternative is best to laminate worktops?

How to renew your unappealing, worn laminate countertops with the natural stone look

Countertops are said to be the most representative parts of all kitchens and cabinets. It is very important to have beautiful, durable, easy-to-clean and practical countertops. However, countertops which we have already described are quite expensive and not everyone can afford to buy them. Are your countertops in really bad condition, but you are on the budget now, and buying beautiful marble or granite countertops will cost too much for you? If your answers these two questions are “Yes”, we will tell you what you can do to make your countertops nice and aesthetically looking at a low cost. You do not have to change them right now, but there are some other inexpensive and creative ways to refresh your countertops and therefore your entire kitchen.

One of the simplest solutions is covering countertops with the contact paper. The first step to take is cleaning your countertops. Make sure that they are really clean and dry, and there is nothing on them. You can even sand them and after that just use the soaped water. We definitely recommend cleaning them twice. After that, take the measures to know how much of paper you need. Every measure you take, leave at least one inch more, to be sure that you will get enough paper. The only accessories you need are the knife or scissors to cut edges of the paper, and some item to smooth out countertops.

The other solution is to put the big cutting board on the tops of your countertops. It does not have to cover the whole surface, but try to hide all the ugliest places. Such big cutting board is quite cheap, beautiful and practical. This trick is especially recommended to those people who wanted to have the butcher countertop. However, if you wish, you can also change your countertops into big wooden butcher block, but remember about your sink edges and other details because matching block to all of them will take much more time. Another option is to paint your old countertops. If they are laminate, you can paint them quite easily. The new cover of paint and the new sealing will completely change the look of countertops.To update your old countertops, you can cover it with some colorful tiles. Such countertops will become more durable, very practical and easy to clean.

Another solution is to cover countertops with the thin concrete overlay. It looks stylish in both traditional and modern kitchen design. Such countertops are glossy and more durable. Additionally, if there were any inconsistencies on your old countertops, concrete layer will make it cohesive. Those who are dreaming about natural stone look, they can achieve it by painting countertops with acrylic painting and faux painting sponge technique. We hope that you will take a use of any of our ideas. Probably all of you desire to have elegant countertops made from natural stone, but until you cannot afford to buy them, try one of our proposals. They will bring the new look to your kitchen again, and you will be satisfied that you saved your money and did everything on your own.



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