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What are the other great worktop alternatives to granite?

Granite is one of the most popular materials to use in kitchen worktop production. But it is also very expensive and out of budget range for many homeowners. But no fear – there are a couple other solutions that may be a viable alternative for a granite worktop. Here are some of the more convenient materials for kitchen worktops:

    • Quartz – as an artificially created stone, quartz is a good choice for those who look for the properties of granite for a bit less cash. Quartz worktops offer almost the same characteristics of granite – durability, resistance, ease of maintenance – and combine them with a unique customization options. As an artificial material, quartz can have almost any color and pattern imaginable and thus it can be used in unique interior arrangements.

  • Wood – a very popular material. Although it is much less durable and it needs constant maintenance to stay beautiful, it is a great option for those wo wish to create a rustic, old-school look for their kitchen. If the wood is properly prepared and maintained, it can be a splendid worktop!
  • Glass – an obvious choice, but it’s not just a simple glass. It has to be specifically manufactured with worktop in mind. Thus, glass for worktops is thicker, and much more durable than other types. You have to remember a couple of rules for a proper maintenance of this material, but it is a great option for modern, futuristic kitchen.




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